Changes in production processes require fast adjustments to the corresponding production - we are your competent, flexible and reliable partner for relocations worldwide.

In the case of relocation of machinery, equipment or entire plants, we have a systematic approach and take care of the complete project management. With our project management tools, we create operational and time lines and discuss all the steps with our customer.

Matched to expenses, supplies, space and transport, we use the latest equipment and techniques to relocate. For sensitive equipment and machines or machines with little space, for heavy equipment, we use special techniques, as Air cushion system. These allow a quick and gentle removal of your machinery and equipment.




  • Thank to our experience in the engineering worldwide, we guarantee to relocate your machines in shortest implementation time and cost beneficial. The decisives factors are the detection of the current situation and of the risk assessment.


According to the conditions of the new location and of infrastructure, we adjust the movement of your machinery. In a relocation, beyond the layout planning, design and product specification, the measurement is a very important step. 

We plan the transport and logistics and meet the selection of suppliers. During dismantling, transport and reconstruction through to commissioning, our project managers have the task to control the target and selected resources.