Assembly special machinery



  • "The nicest thing about standards is that
  • there are so many of them to choose from."
  • — Ken Olsen (US-American Engineer & Founder of DEC)




For our customers, well-known special machines manufacturers, we assume complete responsibility, from planning a project to commissioning. Together with you, we are drawing up the most efficient solution for your project, in accordance with your task profile. We focus on implementing your project, whereby your core areas of expertise such as development, construction and application technology remain unaffected by us. We implement mechanical and electrical installation in accordance with your construction and quality specifications, assembling your separates, complete machines and plant.





  • ✍ The installation processes can be completed in diverse ways. We undertake the initial setup of machinery as part of in-house installation in your production facilities. Alternatively, you can also outsource this installation work in the form of an "extended workbench" to our assembly halls, thereby avoiding any clutter in your workshops. A further solution is the delivered installation service whereby you pass on your complete project to us. In this way you can focus on your core business. With the third option, on-site installation, we receive the machine parts at the destination plant and ensure technically assembly up until the commissioning process.


We support you with professional levels of technical expertise until end customer acceptance — The Service to your Best.



Our company offers in all areas of industrial assembly, assembly support for medium or long term. Due to the long experience in the field of industrial installations and long-lasting experience of our specialists, we are able to take over and support your projects starting with the preparation until to commissioning, and in the end to take over the maintenance of the machinery equipment.


Through our in-depth technical knowledge, high level of commitment and many years of experience of our professionals a successful implementation of the project is guaranteed.


  • ✍ ISInternational provides professional assembly and high-quality services for the industry. We support you in the installation of your systems, maintain them, extend the service life and increase their efficiency.