Company Values

  • "Anyone who stops wanting to be better, has stopped being good." 
  • —Robert Bosch




We are ISInternational. Fairness and respect, competence and diversity, tradition and team spirit, these values are the basis of our performance and makes us unique.


Willingness to engage with all their commitment to the company,  shall apply to all persons alike. Economic independence is our ultimate goal. We are independent. Growth on our own is crucial for us. We are looking for geographical proximity to our customers, and in the same time we are aware of the need of a strong central. In everything we do, fairness, moderation and trust guides us.


We respect our customers
We are customer-focused. To be the right hand for our customers is determining our thoughts
and actions. We develop together with our customers special solutions for sustainable efficiency. The handling of all orders from our customers is extremely discreet.

We fight for a medal
In everything we do, we act with responsability and confidence, with hard work and commitment, in order, as in sports, to gain a medal.


~ Fairness ~ Quity ~ Integrity

We assume social responsibility. At the same time we pay great attention to transparency, reliability and open communication internally and externally. Because that creates trust.



We protect our environment. We support on all our locations innovative approaches and projects that promote social development and serve the people. We live equality and reject discrimination of any kind.





We work free of race, origin, religion, or political orientation
Our employees are the base of our success. We treat each other with dignity and respect
and expect all employees of our company's willingness to take personal responsibility.
We hire competent and motivated employees who respect our values. We provide equal opportunities through training and development opportunities, we protect the privacy
of our employees and do not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination.


We have partners ~ Customers, suppliers and service providers are our partners


Open, cooperative behavior determines our cooperation with our business partners. We estimate the value of long-term business.