• "If we treat people as they are, we make them worse.
    If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they
    are capable of becoming.” 

  • ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




We offer you a job where you feel challenged and suits you.



We attach great importance to a working environment, where the colleagues help each other ~ exchange expertise with each other - even if they work for the same project in different continents.



We are more than 10 years a reliable partner for our employees. It is very clear that you want to work in harmony and have ambitious goals. We have the solution for both.





  • “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”  — Victor Hugo


Simply unique: ISInternationalWeAre

We believe in the power of collaboration. It is the key to any success. Only if more heads come together to an perfect idea, really good results can occur. This means that ee welcome your individual ideas and your enthusiasm. We appreciate your perspective and experience. And we want this to be an important part of a team that go hand in hand, walking on new ground, offering surprising solutions.


Continous Human Resources development at ISInternational

We see the continuous qualification and development of our employees as a company objective. Regardless of whether it concerns the establishment and expansion of competencies for the current position or the next career step, we support every employee with targeted qualification measures.



Performance is recognized. Anyone who participates in ISInternational, assumes responsibility, and contributes to the success of the company is rewarded. Each remuneration is therefore individually influenced. That motivates.

In addition, as an ISInternational employee, you will receive, for example, Christmas compensation etc. In addition, there are benefits and assistance in various areas.


Family & Children

We create the best possible conditions and offer, for example, assistance for future parents, possibilities for the home office, etc.