About us

  • "Coming together is a beginning;
  • Keeping together is progress;
  • Working together is success "
  • — Henry Ford



We are a global supplier of integrated technical services for the process industry. The key to our success is the comprehensive range of services for the entire lifecycle of industrial plants - from engineering to maintenance. We are a family run business. A united team, with people with character. 


  • We put a lot of energy and thought in every thing we start. We want to make the service that you need, to your best. Every day.


The core business of ISInternational has been for many years complex tasks in connection with technical systems. Our services range from consulting, engineering and project management, through production and assembly to comprehensive maintenance concepts.



  • As a skilled team with experience we see in reliability and accuracy a trust basis for our business partners. We connect our name and design our services with the idea of the highest quality. We offer our customers first class service that will give the support you need to increase productivity and competitiveness.


That´s why we work with quality that lasts, and people you can trust. That´s why we are unique. That´s why we are ISInternational. For more than 10 years, ISInternational is a standard for outstanding service and best quality.


We love our products and to understand our customers needs - This is why we invest in a sustainable future and in innovation. Our customer's satisfaction is part in all our actions. ISInternational invested and invests systematically for years in the development and training of its employees, on the long term, in order to be the right hand of its customers.